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It’s been a sad week this week. Two great men have passed away, one definitely before his time. Ross was a farmer, a wonderful family man and had tremendous faith. Bill was a builder, a wonderful family man and has been a loving husband and carer for his lovely wife, Necia. While attending Ross’s funeral on Friday, which was attended by hundreds of people mourning his early death, I was struck by the absolute sadness that the loss of this caring man was generating in his family and community. He had friends who regaled stories of kindness, stoicism when times were bad on the farm and of his absolute genuineness. His family is shattered by his sudden passing, but still were able to bravely face all those who attended and accept their condolences with strength that was truly inspiring.
Times like this can cause you to reflect on your family connections. It makes you realize just how finite we all are and whatever you do don’t miss an opportunity to connect, to laugh, to cry and to love.
To Juanita and all her family and Necia, Rose and all their families, may you gather strength and love from all those around you at this difficult time.
Vale Ross and Bill. x