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There have been some phenomenal women in the news recently – Tay Tay (Taylor Swift), Pink and The Matildas.

Amazing women who are inspiring girls and women every single day. 

When the Taylor Swift Phenomenon started to present itself to us in the news about a week before she arrived and then I started paying attention to her music and her life – I wondered where I had been living for the past 18 years (possibly under a rock called work) that I had virtually no knowledge about her and yet she was such a mega star. EVERY female (except me) seemed to know every word to every song and knew about every ‘era’ of Taylor Swift. There were grownup women (regardless of their age) dressing up in sequins and red dresses and freely and joyously getting onto public transport and proceeding to belt out all the words to what appeared to be more like feminist anthems than pop songs.

I suddenly decided I loved Taylor Swift even if I was 18 years late to the party. I am asking out loud in this public forum here and now why my own girls had not informed me of this cult? Obviously worried that I might do this dress up and out-loud singing thing that Tay Tay inspires. Girls and women feel a part of this happy, carefree club – a club that oozes inclusion as long as you stick to the rules of sequins, singing and kindness. But what I really love about Taylor Swift is she really cuts to the chase about issues which affect women and she called a spade a shovel when there is intolerable behaviour from people (who may quite often be men). Her philanthropy is also inspiring with a donation made to Foodbank while she was here.

Another pop icon Pink has been out touring in Australia also and her sheer strength and awesomeness with some of her acts of kindness continues to amaze me. I remember when Pink was pregnant on a tour years ago and here is her daughter Willow now, singing on stage with her.

The Matildas also recently gave us a show of their strength and determination to excel on the world stage. We will now get to cheer them on in our lounge rooms when they head to Paris for the Olympics in July. How lucky are our young Aussie girls (and boys) to look these fabulous, inspiring athletes. And what a story – a comeback for Michelle Heyman at 35 after seven years out of the Matildas. Playing sport has its mighty ups and devastating downs and Michelle is an inspiration to everyone who has had disappointment in their sporting life. If you love something, a comeback is never out of the question.

Marie/Mum/Gma 99 yrs in July

I have my own special collection of strong amazing women to be grateful for. There are the women in my family – my mother who is staring down 99 and could be described as the definition of Resilience and my daughters Katie and Soph who give me so much joy watching them flourish as all round clever, engaged human beings. Lou brings us all (especially Michael) much love and artistic genius and her kindness oozes out of every interaction she has with people. Inclusion is their middle name in their thoughts and actions.

Katie, Lou, Soph 

And then there are those women who I work with every day. They are funny, hard-working, compassionate and highly skilled women, who help me create an inclusive environment where patients feel respected and heard. Some are our admin staff (Cristina, Katie, Mette and Cathy), some are our pelvic health physios (Megan, Samantha, Laura and Haleh) and one is my fabulous ‘happy movement’ (previously known as dance) instructor, Ash. I love coming to work because these women make it a happy, inspiring environment to do so.


Ash and the ladies at dance


My beautiful staff

Another pair of ladies who knock being superstar women out of the park and who are super inclusive are Professor Judith Goh and Professor Hannah Krause. They travel around the world to spread their knowledge and expertise to doctors and nurses in Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries because they don’t want women of any race or colour to suffer symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction due to a lack of specialist services and knowledge.

Professor Judith Goh and Professor Hannah Krause teaching overseas

So on International Women’s Day I salute all the women in my family, my female friends, those women who I work closely with, those who I admire from afar and all the rest of the women in the world because let’s face it: Women Rock!

Also on this International Women’s Day I also mourn all those women who continue to be persecuted and have violence perpetrated upon them and wonder what it will take to change this nightmare situation?

I know that educating your boys to be kind, patient and to respect women is an important starting point.

Getting more women involved in positions of power….everywhere, but especially around the negotiating tables of world conflicts. I tell you there’s nothing like growing a baby inside your body and then delivering it through some means to the outside world to make you cherish and value life – every life regardless of their religion, race or gender.

Happy International Day on March 8th 2024.