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People often get worried when I say to read my blog on ‘such and such’ and they say to me “I don’t do blogs”. And I say to them a blog is just an article about some topic – you do not have to interact with me about it – you can just read it. But if you do want to leave a comment, then you can.

My blog articles are about pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, pregnancy and lots more including conference tips and my overseas trips (that’s my own self-indulgence to help me remember what we actually did on those wonderful trips). Just click on the relevant category and read everything I have written on that subject. In our consultations, we will often refer you to a particular article or blog to read, to further explain about different conditions. Some of my favorite articles are on the header link, ‘Resources>Articles’ so they are easy to find. Make sure you read your way through them to enhance your learning experience.

Please feel free to share these articles with your friends and relatives to help them understand more about the bladder, bowel and pelvic floor. From reading these blogs (remember they are just articles) you will start to see the importance of this area and just want to get started! And if you would like to FOLLOW my blog, just use the ‘Subscribe to Blog via Email’ in the Footer at the bottom of the page, and you will automatically receive each new blog in your Inbox immediately when posted. To search any specific words for the whole website and all blogs, you can use the search function (magnifying glass) at the very top of each page.

Arthur Ashe once said: ‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.‘  Education is the beginning of everything and it’s all pretty easy once you have grasped the facts. So I encourage you to read, read, read!


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