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Telehealth Consultations

Sue on a Telehealth appointment

We are able to consult with non-symptomatic patients face-to-face. However, our priority is to look after the health of our patients and staff, so we will continue to offer Telehealth online consultations for those who are unwell and still want urgent treatment, for those who just wish to ‘socially distance’ or those patients who are in rural or regional Queensland or elsewhere in Australia. Group exercise classes will continue to be carried out by video link. Patients have been very happy to engage with the classes in their own home or work place and if they cannot attend at the time the class is being held, they email reception for the recording to be sent.

These COVID times mean we all have to adapt because pelvic pain, prolapse, faecal and urinary incontinence won’t go away – they will continue to cause misery and upset for you. If Covid continues for some time, it is important to seek help whether by face-to-face or Telehealth.

Our reception is waiting to welcome you

You can book one-on-one, live, ‘TELEHEALTH’ consultations by calling reception. Our reception is open as usual between 7.30 am to 3.30 pm week days. You can always leave a message or text us with any queries.

Our ‘TELEHEALTH’ consultations involve talking to each other via a live video feed on your computer. If you don’t use a computer, we can still talk with you on your phone – something we have been doing for years with patients who are unable to visit us through distance or incapacity. Our reception staff will guide you on the best way for our physiotherapist to consult with you.

To initiate the ‘TELEHEALTH’ consultation, we simply send you a link with your appointment confirmation and reminder emails. At the time of your appointment, you click on your email link and we see each other. We ask you to be ready 15 minutes before your appointment to be prepared. Again, our reception staff will assist you prior to the meeting if you need assistance.

We ask in preparation for your appointment that you update your devices and load Google Chrome onto your Laptop, tablet, iPad or iPhone. Google Chrome App Download or the App Store. The Chrome Browser is considered optimal for these video meetings.

We also run group classes, live, online here.

To minimise the risk of COVID transmission we ask if you meet any of the following criteria, you cannot come to the rooms for a face to face consultation. Please contact us on 0407 659 357 for advice about your appointment:-

  • If you have specific indicators of COVID including fever, a dry cough or tiredness, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, loss of movement or speech. You should seek medical advice.
  • If you have returned from overseas within the last 2 weeks.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who has COVID or is suspected of having it or is awaiting tests for COVID.

Megan conducting a Zoom ‘pelvic floor friendly’ exercise class

For more information about our Covid Safe Plan and Covid news.