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JG Crawford Oration by Professor Stan Grant

Today I listened to the JG Crawford Oration by Professor Stan Grant at the ANU on 31st October 2023 and he was reflecting on The Voice Referendum result.

Many of my readers may be disappointed that I am still revisiting this topic rather than getting back to my core business which is surely pelvic health? But I find myself still mourning the result and when I heard this speech today I thought the sad thing is that hardly anyone will get to listen to it.

This speech is so powerful that I also want to be able to find it again easily in order to digest its meaning and process the content. Also at the core of my being I am a health professional and the crushing defeat does have implications for closing the gap for our First Nations people. Looking away doesn’t help.

So when I started to listen to these powerful words I thought that it was important to pay my respects to this oration and encourage my blog readers to take an hour out of their day and truly absorb the potency of these words by Professor Grant.

Hearing words like you will hear in this speech – well the opportunity just doesn’t exist any more to do so because we are (not so slowly) being dumbed down by scrolling and reading and listening to shorter and shorter word grabs.

There will be tears and sadness

Mark my words – you will be hovering on the edge of an abyss of tears as you listen to these words by Professor Stan Grant.

Take the time to listen and to process the meaning of this speech.

Follow it with some silence to ponder what you feel, to assess your unsettled emotions.

You will be a better person for making the time to do so.

And I know I am going to read more poetry from now on because if reading poetry causes you to get to the core of an issue like it has for Professor Grant – all us Aussies need to read more poetry,