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Ladies playing Walking Netball 

Recently I had a patient who, when I asked about her exercise that she is currently doing or would like to do, told me about Walking Netball!?!  Now we are a netball family and in all my years sitting around netball courts, I have never heard about it. I actually couldn’t imagine such a thing and then if there were such a thing, how would it really work? This patient wrote a little paragraph about it and then to my surprise (or is it that Facebook and Instagram have a wifi link to my brain waves -see Years and Years on SBS – a great, but rather worrying show with Emma Thompson about our future) walking netball posts started to appear in my feed…..

Here is a image of the amount of activity someone on Instagram posted the very next day that her Fitbit recorded while she was playing walking netball. Looks like a lot of moving.

Here is my patient’s paragraph.

My friend Sue had been asking me to join Walking Netball.  When younger (much) I played basketball and thought that the Walking Netball would be a bit tame. Well, I was ‘hooked’ from my first game.  Actually I was exhausted, but soon built up fitness.

Special rules apply – NO RUNNING – NO JUMPING – NO DEFENDING UP CLOSE.  If off balance, bounce the ball or take a step. Be aware of players with a disability and help newcomers. The objective is to provide exercise while being aware of creating a safe environment.

I felt welcome from the first game and soon was part of a great group of ladies.

Thanks for sending this in JS and I hope my pelvic health colleagues will remember this when offering pelvic floor friendly sports and activities to their patients who have significant pelvic floor compromise and need to modify their exercise. When I checked out Netball Queensland about walking netball, this was on the site and seemed appropriate to lots of things in life.

“The hardest part about Walking Netball is being brave enough to walk through the door, but once you do, you will be welcomed by lots of smiles and a bunch of new friends. I encourage people of all ages to come and try Walking Netball.”  Rhonda Newton, Walking Netball Coordinator, Netball Qld 

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