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Today I did a short five minute segment on Katherine Feeney’s show on 612ABC radio – she is having short top tips for COVID from lots of health professionals and she is brave enough to allow me to talk about …………really anything. Today I was going to talk about persistent pain disorders and how all the prolonged sitting in front of computers doing multiple zoom meetings with reduced movement and increased anxiety from COVID was causing a spike in all sorts of pain conditions.

Luckily I came on and listened to Kat’s show about 5 minutes early and heard her play this (fantastically appropriate) song called Movement by Hozier. It truly should be everyone’s anthem. And we should all be moving like Hozier. Give it a go!

And if you want the link to the top tip for this week press on here

I did also mention that women learning how to Sit Like a Man with their legs relaxed and apart, tummy relaxed and belly breathing regularly through the day can calm their brain, help settle anxiety and help relax overactive pelvic floor muscles. Of course there’s a lot more to treating conditions that come under the umbrella of Genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder (encompassing previous conditions known as vestibulodynia, vaginismus), PGAD or Peristent Genital Arousal Disorder than just sitting like a man and getting help from a pelvic health physiotherapist is very worthwhile.

The silence around these distressing conditions is deafening and we need to speak about these conditions to help women seek help.

Google the actor who plays Jamie Fraser and you will see a photo of him kindly demonstrating Sitting like a Man 

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