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Yes you are not seeing things- my favourite Incontinence Comedienne is coming Down Under to tell us everything we need to know about Down Under!! And if that’s not enough, one of my favourite people in the world- the famous Jenny Burrell of Jenny Burrell Education from the United Kingdom is also coming to the Women’s Health Fitness Summit to be held at the Crown Casino on September 12th/13th.
jenny burrell
As you know from my recent blogs about pelvic floor safe exercising I am pretty obsessed about women learning the importance of safely exercising in order to prevent worsening prolapse or incontinence that may happen as a result of vaginal deliveries. The statistics are there for everyone to see – 1 in 3 women, men and children experience urinary incontinence and 50% of women over the age of 50 will suffer with prolapse – so you are in good company. The person sitting next to you at the movies or on the bus probably has issues with their pelvic floor…and the really amazing thing is some very simple strategies can help these problems.
The statistics are also there that obesity and inactivity are increasingly affecting the health and fitness of all age groups. So we need to exercise but we don’t want to damage ourselves in the process. So thank goodness we have fitness instructors like Michelle Wright of mishfit. Michelle is CEO of mishfit, a personal training service specializing in education and exercise prescription for pregnant and post-natal women. An advocate for women specific training, she created her business for this niche market after realising that there was very little available to cater to women who have had children.
After having children and subsequently experiencing her own pelvic floor dysfunction, Michelle found that she was one of the 70%of post-natal women who are affected by incontinence. Her passion for training and educating women has produced two studios and eight franchises.
So Michelle decided last year to hold the inaugural Women’s Health Summit and it was a fabulous success. She decided to follow-up this year by holding this very special event at the Crown Casino for fitness and health professionals bringing these two fantastic, world class educators down as keynote speakers. I for one cannot wait to hear (and hug) them both. We are BFF – although we haven’t actually met in person. We met on the internet and pretty much are about to get married…well I’m exaggerating a little bit. But these two ladies are so fantastic and to think we in Australia are getting the opportunity to see them in the flesh- well it’s incredible.
So I hope if you are anywhere in Australia and are free on the weekend of 12th and 13th September, you make the trek to Melbourne and catch the amazing information that will be imparted all weekend. See the programme here. Remember continuing education is essential in the health and fitness industry and you can be sure that everything at this conference will be the most up-to-date and ahead of the pack.
For more information that isn’t available on the website email Mish on or ring 0418592539.
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Women’s Health Fitness Summit 2015