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studio194 window
pilates photo
The first week of Studio 194 has come and gone and I can say that I am very proud of everyone involved in my practice, with Studio 194 and the girls in the office.
Firstly without Bob Croft, architect extraordinaire, none of this would have happened. The programming of the renos, the moving into the new premises and the design of Studio 194  ran like clockwork and all my patients and the first clients attending the classes have been really impressed with the ‘look’ of both places. The instructors have settled in nicely and the feedback about the classes has been good. I am very keen to iron out any early teething problems so always let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.
I have been trying to go to some of the classes when not treating patients and I can say that it is so good to be a part of providing pelvic floor safe exercising opportunities for women and men in Brisbane.
Today a report was released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) saying that one in five Australians are affected by chronic diseases. Nearly 40% of Australians aged 45 and over have two or more of the eight chronic diseases examined in today’s release. Osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and mental health issues are all included in this snapshot of the health of Australians and what we know about all these diseases and chronic illnesses is that exercise is a key factor in assisting with improving outcomes with these chronic illnesses.
So to be associated with providing exercise opportunities, including things like dance classes with the gorgeous Nicoletta, is an absolute delight.
Women Taking Part In Zumba Class In Gym

I have written previously about Nicoletta’s dance classes but going back after a couple of years off- well it was absolutely fantastic. The music, the swishing and swaying and learning the moves (which is fantastic for your brain) – it was just plain fun and great exercise….and safe!  The ladies who have done their first classes have agreed it was also quite a workout.
I would also like to encourage people to come and try Michaela’s pelvic floor safe yoga on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Michaela has really embraced the pelvic floor safe concept and the feedback from her first class last week was “It was great”. Make sure you book in and use your free credits that have been emailed to you once you sign in and when you buy a another class you get another free credit, which gives you a chance to try the classes and see if you like them.
So check out the class schedule and book in for a ticket to better health.
Growing old is inevitable – how you do it is a choice you have. #getmoving #staymoving