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What is Pelvic Health?

“As we learn more about the natural function and causes of dysfunction of the female pelvis, we are beginning to see that the parts can no longer be regarded in isolation. Rather, the components must be thought of in relation to the whole pelvis and therefore the whole patient.”

Dr Michael P. Aronson
American Journal ‘Obstetrics and Gynaecology‘ 1994

Three years into my pelvic health career, this quote from Dr Aronson made the pieces of pelvic floor dysfunction puzzle come together. There is no point isolating out the part that is bothering the woman (or man or child) who presents to see you with a problem. The interaction of the pelvic organs which sit so closely together within the pelvis, and the cross talk that happens, means that learning about the function of all of them, is critical to solving the issues presenting. That is why we spend so much time on comprehensive education in our first session. Thank you Dr Aronson for creating the spark that has ignited a passion within me that has continued for so many years.