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Photo from TV screen: The Matildas before their semi 16th August 2023 with the future superstars escorting them out

I just felt compelled to write this quick blog. Because last night late in bed (annoyingly just before I was about to go to sleep), I had an epiphany about the Matilda’s loss in the semi-final.

I realised I wasn’t actually sad for myself, or Australia about that loss on Wednesday night. I was desperately sad for the girls…The Tillies…The Mighty Matildas.

I’ve NEVER seen a team of sportspeople in my entire life – and I’m old – who wanted this win so badly for altruistic reasons. They wanted it so bad – it is palpable.

Not because they had trained their butts off for their whole lives minus about 7 years.

Not because of the prize money.

Not because of their personal glory.

But because they actually, genuinely want to create a legacy. The Matildas are so damn authentic.

From Sam Kerr’s Instagram page

If you had told me before the 28th July, 2023 that I would go absolutely nuts for soccer to the point of subscribing to Optus Sport, to the point of rearranging my social calendar so there are no clashes WITH ANY GAME IN THE WHOLE DRAW, to the point of actually understanding the rules, to picking someone was off side and being right, to the point of looking up the rankings, of knowing every girl in the Matilda’s team, when I only knew Sam Kerr before that day.

If you had told me all of that.

I would have said…..You’re dreaming!

Photo of artwork by Stuart Sale in Faversham Lane, Marrickville

These amazing girls have selflessly, without drama, without histrionics, without all the things associated with many other sports, delivered us a giant breath of fresh air.

From Sam Kerr’s INstagram page: Four World Cups – unbelievable

I am devastated about their loss…… for them……because I know they feel they have let us down.

I feel desperately sad for them because they probably think they have failed us, but I feel they have absolutely given us all the biggest shot in the arm of pure joy.

This has all been said very eloquently in many posts, but I had to write this here in my blog, because this is how I feel and I want to remember this moment in time (and we all know one day I may not).

And when they play off for third I want them to know that I feel they same way about that game. Win or lose, I love everything they stand for – for pure strength and fitness, for speed, for bravery, for women, for comradeship, for good sports(wo)manship.  And for inspiring small and big boys as well as every damn woman in Australia.

(And if and when the mongrel press turn on them I want every Australian (woman) to get vicious with their pen and their keyboard and let the mast heads, the digital platforms and every single man in their life who rubbishes them know to shaddup and leave The Mighty Matildas alone.

And spare a thought for the Aussie Diamonds – our amazing netballers – who won their World Cup in South Africa last week and what prizemoney, recognition and cudos did they get………….?

Postscript: Two other things have added to my soccer interest – my grandsons have played this year and we try and watch the games when we can on a Saturday morning and we also watched a great show called Ted Lasso. I recommend it to you. And my great friend and pelvic health superstar Michelle Lyons has been brought out to Australia by FIFA to discuss pelvic health in Women’s Sport. OMFG how amazing and wonderful is that???