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Finally today the new website is up and running. I hope it works well and is easy for people to access and follow. If you have any suggestions or have problems with the site feel free to comment.
It is exciting for me to have Pelvic Floor Recovery available at two fantastic independent bookshops in Brisbane – The Avid Reader in Boundary Street, West End and Riverbend Books at Oxford Street, Bulimba. Both places support local authors and it is great that they were good enough to allow my book on their shelves, so that people can walk in off the street and purchase it. Whilst it is easily accessible from my website – it is also great to say to people you can go and check it out today at these two fantastic bookshops and have a decaf coffee and cake at both of them while you are at it!
Why decaf? Well if you have an overactive bladder – where there are symptoms of frequency, urgency and maybe some  urge incontinence – simply going decaf can sometimes make a huge difference. Other health issues such as palpitations, sleep difficulties and increased anxiety can be exacerbated by too much caffeine. If you are going to try decaf  then reduce it slowly as you can sometimes suffer a withdrawal headache if your caffeine intake is considerable. In my book I have a chart which highlights the caffeine levels in different drinks. It is frightening how much caffeine is in some of the energy drinks available. Give it a go – it may be all your bladder needs to have better control!