Sue Croft is a Brisbane Physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction including urinary incontinence, prolapse conditions, bowel management and pelvic pain for women, men and children.
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    Invite Sue to guest speak at your event or group.

    Guest Speaking
  • Pelvic floor safe exercising

    ‘Pelvic floor safe exercising’ is a term that all women need to become familiar with in order to save their pelvic floors! It refers to exercising safely to protect the pelvic floor and internal organs (bladder, uterus and rectum) from undue stress and pressure which can cause prolapse and incontinence problems.

    Pelvic floor safe exercising
  • Overview

    Sue treats women, men and children with any of the following conditions/symptoms.

  • Books

    Sue Croft has written two books ‘Pelvic Floor Recovery – Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery’ and ‘Pelvic Floor Essentials’.

  • Sue’s Blog

    Physiotherapy for Pelvic Floor Recovery.

    Sue’s Blog


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