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Well I have really now become techno-savvy. Nothing new for the young but for this fifty something quite exciting. Not only is this my own first blog, but I have in fact never blogged (commented) on anyone elses’ blog. These days at Uni, setting up blogs and writing on the progress of assignments, tutorial postings and building designs (as in the case of my son who is doing architecture) is quite the norm. But for me, this opportunity to connect to a wider audience and communicate about my favourite topic – pelvic floor dysfunction – is enticing. The catalyst for this new-age experiment is the desire to spread the word about my latest endeavour – my new book – Pelvic Floor Recovery: A Physiotherapy Guide to Gynaecological Repair Surgery. It is a book designed to help women through the sometimes daunting process of gynae repair surgery.  The book was in fact 10 years in the making – a rather boring addition every year to my New Year’s resolutions. Boring – as the same group of friends had to hear every year that NO yet again, I had not even embarked on the process of starting the book. A little life experience of my own this year precipitated a flurry of activity – really a positive to come of the Brisbane floods – and in May the ‘baby’ (my book) was born. The book really is for my patients. There are always so many questions to be answered, so many fears to be allayed, so many precautions to be emphasised and because of this…. produced a burning desire to have all that information wrapped up in a small book. It is exciting, rewarding (when the positive feedback is passed on by patients) and has been all consuming – just ask the family who have witnessed the empty fridge/pantry and the house which has looked at times like there has been a burglary. And here is the next by product of this exciting adventure – my first blog.