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This year has been remarkably busy. Thanks to the arrival of my gorgeous grandson, who sadly lives in my new favourite city to do all my continuing education (Melbourne), I have suddenly expanded my business (although sometimes it feels like I have exploded into a million bits). Because I suddenly decided that instead of just shutting the door and putting up the ‘gone on holidays’ shingle when flying down to Melbourne for cuddles, which has been the modus operandi for the past 23 years, I decided to ask some of my women’s health colleagues to come and work with me and cover while I was away. Now this was a BIG thing for me. Letting go was hard. But I felt that I was getting much longer in the tooth and I couldn’t go on forever and it was time to start looking to the future and get help.
Well that experiment has been fantastic. I now have 3 other Physios who work part-time and are gorgeous, caring, empathetic, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We had some ‘in-service’ on the weekend where we got together and talked women’s health physio at our practice. And it was great. We shared some patients and chatted about issues that have cropped up and it was a very worthwhile day. The other great thing is these girls are also talented musculo-skeletal Physios and therefore are capable of doing something helpful when the patient complains of a sore elbow or knee (unlike moi). To Jane, Amanda and Kristen – thank you for making the transition to sharing patients so easy.
But that isn’t the end of it. To accommodate these lovely new Physios we had to have bigger premises and you know from previous blogs that we purchased a gorgeous premises at 47 Hampstead Rd, Highgate Hill. So that left my beautiful old rooms vacated and ready for a new life. My architect/practice manager/general solver of all problems husband Bob, came up with a brilliant idea of converting the old rooms into a pelvic floor safe exercise studio. I suppose he was sick of my stories about the number of women who inadvertently cause themselves some pelvic floor dysfunction of one sort or another, from simply trying to exercise for fitness, mental health, bone density (which is really important in Osteoporosis week) and lots of other reasons.
So quick as a flash (he is an architect remember) the old rooms were gutted, painted, polished floors in and on the 4th August we had our first class. We have danced, Yogied and Pilatesied our way through the first (almost) 3 months – thanks to my other group of incredible women, the instructors at Studio194- Lori, Monique, Michaela, Nicoletta and Amanda. Whilst it has been beyond exhausting at times- the pleasure, relief and sheer joy of being able to say to patients: “Everything we do at Studio194 is pelvic floor safe – here is the next stage of your pelvic floor recovery.”- has been worth all the effort. The strain of not doing everything, has in fact been harder than the physical act of doing everything. This is the first time that I have not been the one doing the treatment, directing the exercise, or totally in control….and that has been testing.
But everyone who has come on board to help me has been fantastic and I am eternally grateful. There is now a new bunch of women (class attendees) who now understand that dance is the BEST exercise, especially if you spend 45 minutes following the beautiful Nicoletta, who just never stops smiling. Honestly she is the best antidepressant there is- yes even better than chocolate! Ailsa, one of the regulars at dance is beyond happy with her newly achieved neck range of movement, her arm strength and straighter posture from religiously attending every Thursday dance class since we opened. She also reports that Monique is closely watching her every move in her Tuesday Pilates classes and is correcting her when she loses form. Monique takes the Monday and Tuesday classes and one of the gorgeous classes is the Mums and Bubs class. You can see from the scrumptious photos below who are the stars of these classes.
nicoletta dancing  mums and bubs class
I have been attending Michaela’s yoga classes and whilst it will take me many years to achieve the desired flexibility, I can definitely feel the strength and balance improving. What I love most though is the quiet calm that is integral to the class. And I think this is why I have in fact not collapsed in a big heap over the last 5 months since this adventure began. The classes I am doing at my own studio have been incredible at boosting my mood, building my strength and fitness and generally keeping me smiling. (Sadly the muffin top is still all too apparent).
Having one of my Physios also taking the Pilates mat classes on a Thursday has been a fantastic bonus. Amanda can follow through with many of her patients into the exercise setting and quickly progress them in a safe way. Amanda has moved from Melbourne with her fiancé – which is a big thing to come to a new city without family support and settle in – and she has been wonderful, adapting incredibly well and is an absolute asset to my practice.
Finally a class that I have dreamt about for a long time is the Monday night pain/ relaxation/breath awareness class with Lori. Life is busy, rushed, anxiety producing and to be able to offer an opportunity for patients to come and learn about breath awareness, stretching safely any tight muscles and to just focus on quiet is fantastic. So if you are interested in having fun, calming down, dancing up a storm, breath awareness, improving your core safely then ring the office on 38489601 or 38449300 and get the other linchpin to this success story- one of my lovely, efficient secretaries- Liss, Bec, Bec, Celine or Jose- to help you book in or if you are computer savvy go to and book a class.
So what has prompted this (very) late night reflection? It is Beau’s 6 month birthday today and really all this has happened because of him. Because he has arrived this year and made the world a brighter place, many more women (and men and children) have been helped with their pelvic floor dysfunction and there is a safe zone for exercise at 194 Gladstone Rd Highgate Hill. Who’d have thought it?
Beau 6 months
ps. Congratulations to my daughter Sophie for being named as a finalist (one of three) for Emergent Woman Lawyer of the Year. To be nominated is wonderful, to be named a finalist incredible, fingers crossed for the 30th! Proof you can have it all #lawyer #netball #WLAQ #Women Lawyers Association of Queensland