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What a bonanza! Two incredible things like that overlapping at the same time. (God I used to love that show!) Now it’s very late at night and of course I forgot this incredible thing of having this special day World Physiotherapist Day September 8th, 2015 plonked straight in the middle of Women’s Health Week, until cleaning my teeth ready for bed- but I knew that I’d regret not at least jotting a few words down to commemorate such a special event.
If you leak….even just a little bit..
If you have drag and ache from your vagina or have a bulge that you don’t think should be there..
If you have any sort of pelvic pain and especially if you have pain with intercourse..
If it is difficult to pass a bowel motion, or impossible to hold in gas or stool…
If you have ANY of these deeply personal, embarrassing issues then get yourself along to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist (and yes we treat men too) because this is our bread and butter. In fact I am incapable of treating things that involve normal parts of the anatomy (which is why I now have 3 other lovely colleagues working with me- Jane, Kristen and Amanda who are can do the lot).
To all my wonderful pelvic floor Physio friends and colleagues (otherwise known as #pelvicmafia) – on this special day (World Physiotherapist Day) keep up the good work and let’s keep spreading the word about what we do.