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Hello to all my readers.

As you may have seen, we have a new website and I have merged my blog website with my practice website. We have moved our existing website from to We are working with a team in India to do this and the notification emails that went out were not checked by me before they were sent out. You may have also seen one of the team member’s photo in all my comments instead of my photo. Apologies to everyone. There are always a few glitches with transitioning to a new website but hopefully the new website will be easier to use.

There are now 350 blogs on my blog site that I have written since 2011. It will be 10 years in July since I wrote my first blog and I can actually remember that moment in time as clearly as anything – the night when my son had a uni task to start his own blog in third year Architecture and I didn’t even know what a blog meant. But when he explained it to me, it seemed like such a natural thing to do to spread the word about the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. I thank him (in my head) every time I write one, as it has been a source of pure joy for me for this past decade.

And it is his 30th birthday tomorrow so I may as well take this opportunity to wish him a big Happy Birthday Mick xx

I hope you enjoy looking through the new website and you may find an old blog or two that you may have missed. And remember to share the information about bladders, bowels, pelvic pain, women’s, men’s and children’s health with your friends and relatives and perhaps hopefully one day there’ll be some Italy blogs and photos once again!

Happy birthday Michael – Sicily, September, 2019