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Emu Mountain Walk Day

I have decided I need to document for posterity (and my memory) the fabulous walks we have been doing around the region we love so much – the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. (There will be lots of photos for me to look back on – you may enjoy them also). I am working backwards for 2021 because I have just had this (brilliant) idea when ‘climbing’ Emu Mountain, there is no better place to start than documenting the walks we did yesterday.

It was interesting when I discovered Emu Mountain because I couldn’t actually recollect seeing an actual  mountain between Mt Coolum and Peregian – but the reason may be because it is only 71 metres high! Hardly high enough to be considered a true mountain- but it IS my sort of mountain because it’s a leisurely walk up a safe, comfortable wide path and yes it still had lovely, expansive views.

Now one of the reasons I am documenting these easy walks is because walking is fabulous. End of story!

Walking builds muscle mass, maintains good bone density, wakes up your proprioceptors, improves your balance, helps with mental health, helps prevent dementia and most importantly is a wonderful homuncular refreshment to help your parasympathetic nervous system recharge you when you are suffering with persistent pain. And walking in nature is the best way to walk!

To get to the Emu Mountain walk, you enter the National Park opposite the Coolum State High School Carpark. It is a slow gradual climb – very easy and very pleasant particularly in winter.

Some beautiful homuncular refreshment – an orange butterfly resting on the fern if you look carefully

Bob and I nearly at the summit and a cute conical unnamed mountain spotted in the distance once at the summit.

Drone view from the summit 

We took a different route back down the southern track which was a bit more rocky and takes a lot more care, but was very manageable. The plant life was lovely, there was some shade in places and mostly a flat walk. I do suspect it may be quite hot in summer. I would totally recommend this short walk.

We then headed towards Coolum and discovered another secret little spot that we must have driven past at least 100 times over the 45 years we have been coming to Noosa and never spotted it before. It is a turn left into Stumer’s Creek Road and there is a pretty creek entering into the ocean. We had a water and museli bar while sitting on the beach and there is also a very clean amenities block.

We then headed back up the highway towards Sunshine and noticed another National Park entry at Beach Access 68 – another total surprise. There is a lovely short wall to the beach on a board walk through expansive reeds with lots of birdlife – all very easy for those less nimble.

Beach Access 68

As we came back from the beach, there was Emu Mountain staring down on us – another lovely surprise. 

We finished the day with a late afternoon Sunshine Beach walk and this day will be known as The Emu Mountain Walk Day. We have decided that in future we need to explore these little secret spots that are lurking all along the highway to Sunshine – we need to slown down and take some time to smell nature!