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rose kelso (3)
On 2nd September 2014 the world lost a special person, Roseanne Kelso.
Rose was a physio of around my vintage, who when we moved into Yeronga to live, also became a great neighbour and a ‘school mum’ friend. Rose was a wonderful person. She was dynamic, forthright, determined, caring, a problem solver and generous beyond extraordinary. She always greeted me with ‘Hello Darling’ with a brilliant smile, portraying a sense of deep affection and a genuineness that always made you feel warm and fuzzy.
Rose eventually moved from physiotherapy, utilizing her wonderful organizational skills and boundless energy in many pursuits, until in recent years becoming a board member of a number of organizations, including Diabetes Queensland. She travelled extensively, often with her five beautiful children and husband Mike.
A couple of years ago Rose discovered she had cancer which unfortunately returned and had become widespread far too quickly. In her true determined way Rose had attempted to fight the cancer with new experimental work but sadly to no avail.
Today in Brisbane her family and friends, work colleagues and acquaintances will gather to attend a commemorative ceremony for Rose. Yes it will be a cast of thousands because Rose was just that sort of person- charismatic and engaging and everyone will want to be there to say goodbye.
I am beyond sad to not be able to be there to do so. So Rose I will be thinking of you today and for many years to come and send my love and best wishes to all the Kelso and Stockwell families.
Christmas Day in Ellesmere St 1998
Happy Days circa 1998 Street Xmas Party