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As many of you are aware I am on Twitter and regularly tweet about articles and comment on other Pelvic Floor Physios’ comments and blogs. In fact, since my PR/Melbourne daughter Katie put me on Twitter last September, a couple of micro-seconds after I picked up my new iPhone, I have really taken to it.Before she actually gave me the low-down on it (I previously thought it was a celebrity-relationship or Shane-Warne-update medium), I would scoff at the mention of Twitter being an important force in social media. But she is persuasive and went ahead anyway and launched my Twitter identity scroftpf and I was up and running.
Initially it was a long distance affair. I would write a blog and text Katie in Melbourne and then she would spin her magic, sending the blog out to the world and I would wonder in awe how it had happened. But then as I started to get the hang of it, I started to connect with  some amazing PTs/ Physical Therapists/ Physios (choose the lingo you are familiar with depending on what country you are from) and I have a whole bunch of great new professional friends.

In the last 9 months since I have been on Twitter I have read hundreds, or even thousands of articles, comments and blogs about my special area – the pelvic floor, bladder, bowel, prolapse, continence, persistent pain and more. At times my brain has not thanked me for my newly found source of information but while the explosion of information has been exciting, what has been more so, is discovering all my new friends from around the world. One thing links us….we are all VERY passionate about helping women (and men for those of us that work with men also) with their problems.

The wonderful thing about Twitter is that you can never feel alone. When all are sleeping in Australia, my new friends in the US, Canada, Great Britain and other places in the world are just starting their day and are ready for a conversation. One night when my daughter in Brisbane was severely stricken with food poisoning and we were whiling away the wee hours in Mater Hospital casualty, I noticed that one friend in Canada was tweeting about something heady and intellectual and so I decided to clue her in on my sleepless plight. Her reaction…instant sympathy and comfort. Very soothing being able to share with someone. (I probably could have texted my usual shoulder to cry on – Mum – but being 2 am thought I’d better not).
But the point of this whole Twitter blog is to share with you (that’s what Twitter is all about…sharing) a quite amazing quote from Arthur Ashe that someone posted – just as a little inspirational one liner – which I absolutely love for my patients.
‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’…..Arthur Ashe
Say it over again.
‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’
To everyone with pelvic floor dysfunction- just make the decision to make an intervention, just start!

Regardless of how good or bad your muscles are just use what you have – activating anything (but of course correctly) is going to make a difference; don’t give up because it feels too hard, because your muscles are weak or your sensation is poor. Seek help from a Women’s Health Physio to get the correct activation.

Do something, do what you can…with your posture, your toileting position, with your deep abdominal muscles, your pelvic floor muscles, your brain, your bad caffeine habits etc.
And if you are in Brisbane and want to be inspired by 4 Queensland Authors who are equally passionate about their craft come along to our special FREE event on Thursday 28 th June At Easts Leagues Club at Main Street, Coorparoo at 6pm. There will be light refreshments and it is open to women, men, mothers, daughters. To register contact Tracey Sparkes on (07) 3723 5012 or
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