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In case you are wondering why I am being so diligent about reporting from this year’s conference – I was lucky enough to win a scholarship to the 22nd National Conference and instead of writing a formal report for the Qld CFA Branch Committee, I am writing my blog and tweeting some key points. Many people are not on Twitter but would still like to read the tweets I have been posting from the conference so I have pasted and copied them into this blog (it only took about 2 hours….You’re welcome) And for Mum’s sake here is a bit of a deciphering guide for understanding what Tweets mean.
1. A Tweet is limited to 140 characters.
2. To achieve this you have to use some (fairly wacky) abbreviations which sometimes go sailing over the head of your readers!
3. When reducing to the 140 characters you can save on letters by substituting numbers for whole words 2=to; 4=for;
4. Also save on letters by b=be; v=very; w=with; and so on
5. Spaces must be sacrificed in order to sneak another letter or two in.
6. Articles that are in Journals can be reduced in size at a site called bitly (I know Mum it’s getting complicated) but when that shortened mumbo jumbo appears if you click on that it magically becomes a link to that article.
7. RT=retweet which means you are re sending the information to your followers; MT= modified tweet which means you have changed the original tweet a bit to send it on
8. If you want to attract the attention of a particular Tweep (someone who is on Twitter) then you have to use their Twitter call sign- for example I am @scroftpf, Mum is @GmaBond (yes pretty trendy to be on Twitter at 88 -oops I will be in trouble for revealing that… but I am pretty proud of my techno-savvy Mum who can text, use her laptop, PC and Ipad, and now has a Twitter call sign even if she doesn’t really understand it.)
9. # means hashtag and is a groovy way to highlight a trend or just to say cool things without spaces…you’ve heard about my Continence and Women’s Health Physio friends worldwide called #pelvicmafia but really it can be used to say anything.(For example #climatechangeisreal #politicalcorrectnessisimportant #doyourpelvicfloorexerices)
So what follows are the Tweets from the Conference today- see how you go!
Persistent Pelvic Pain Workshop #CFAConf2013
@scroftpf: From PPP workshop- -Information on Gynae issues- GAIN Gynaecological Awareness Information Network  #CFAConf2013
@scroftpf: PPP management- the nervous system is a powerful self management tool #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Dr Bernadette McElhinney Perth Gynaecologist w special interest in pain management- Dysmenorrhea occurs in 40-90% of girls&women #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Dr Bernie McElhinney- Lifestyle&resilience building VI in PPP managt.Regular sleep;whole body creates pain experience. #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Giamberardino et al 2010 Pain- nice research shows intervening in 1area(treat the IBS)brings down pain levels in other area(dysmenorrhea)
@scroftpf: Helen Slater-financial burden of PPP is $6 billion annually in Australia-loss of productivity – worth picking early &intervening#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Startling figures-25-35% of children have PPP #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Prof Helen Slater-Dysmenorrhea can b a predictor for later PPP-important preventative concept. Manage dysmenorrhea appropriately #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Article for all PPP therapists to read:’Therapist beliefs influence patient beliefs’ Darlow 2012 #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Good sleep fundamental to managing Persistent pelvic pain(PPP)#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Psychologist Rob Schutz-People in pain tend2 magnify intrusive thoughts(thought viruses)r passing mental events rather than facts#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Some useful metaphors for pts from yesterday’s pain workshop ‘Motion is lotion’, ‘Hurt doesn’t equal harm’, ‘Nerves like to glide and slide’
Bowel protocol introduced into management of Post op total knee and hip replacements: Gail Ross-Adjie
@scroftpf: Gail Ross-Adjie:80,000 THR &TKR performed in Australia 2012. 60%in private sector,60%constipation post-op. Management ad hoc post-op #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Murdoch Bowel Protocol developed generic guidelines from systematic reviews
@scroftpf: Evidence good to show both pts and midwives benefited from introduction of such a standard of care
Janet Chase lecture
@scroftpf: Rx for child constipation: Education,disimpaction,prevention of reaccumulation,follow up. Since PEG(Osmolax, movicol) decreased hospitalization #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Janet Chase-no longer use term encopresis-instead Faecal Incontinence if bowel accidents after 4 yrs, mostly related to constipn#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Dr Janet Chase ICCS standardization documents- Managment of functional constipation in children w lower urinary tract symptoms #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: J Urol vol 190 29-36 2013 destined to be clinically useful #CFAConf13
Ian Tucker lecture ‘How did we end up in this mesh? (That’s not a typo- it’s a very clever pun Ian)
@scroftpf: Professor Ian Tucker presentation ‘How did we end up in this mesh?Probs with mesh repair.No consensus on most effective surgery for prolapse#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Local oestrogen long term will help with mesh surgery#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: No prosthesis perfect,urgent need 4studies,new procedures should be introduced via controlled studies, The random introduction was unethical #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Mesh should be-Lighter weight, high porosity,Lower stiffness #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Implanting different types of mesh into monkey&harvesting@12 wks,looking @qualities of mesh-lower weight, higher porosity,less stiff better #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Dr Pamela Maolli 2012 comprehensive look @ mesh surgery. Looked at properties of mesh(but all classed as same type of mesh) #CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Proliferation of mesh kits-use of mesh became rampantVagina is clean-contaminated environt, bacteria enters at op Ostergard 2010#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: #meshRepairs- aims of surgeryNo1-Do no harm!No2 Improve QofL-Suddenly in 2011 use of mesh has plummeted.Why?dyspareunia, erosion#CFAConf13
@scroftpf: Dealing with non-absorbable synthetic meshes- inserting from vagina- non sterile area, abdominal approach sterile; inertness of mesh VI

@scroftpf: DrRobynLeake Gr3,4Uterine prolapse can be assoc with urethral kinking AND ureteric obstruction-then hydronephrosis&renal impairment#CFAConf2013

Well I’ve just noticed it’s it’s 1.42am Brisbane time and I’m feeling very weary, so I hope this has been worth the effort and enjoy the info.