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both books cover
The new editions of my books – Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery and Pelvic Floor Essentials – have arrived.
Well that actually is OLD news- but when I realized it had been weeks since I had posted a blog, because life has been taken to another level of busy/chaos lately – I went looking through my blog dashboard (where I write the blogs) to see if I had any nearly-finished blogs there, that I could get up and running…..and I found this one. The new editions of both books were actually ready towards the end of last year but I just forgot to write about it. I often jot a few blog ideas down in the dashboard when I think of them, just so I won’t forget whatever that brilliant thought (well in my eyes anyway) was, but then I sadly forget to go back and finish them.
There is an interesting one waiting in there that I started about positivity– I was listening to an ABC show and thought ‘This is wonderful’ and took lots of notes, which are a bit piecemeal but will one day I hope become a blog.
It is important for me to be regular with my blogs because I do use them as a way to promote long term compliance with the programme my patients have embarked on. I say to my patients that this treatment plan is not like spraining your ankle- with a sprain, you do some icing, compression, elevation, mobility exercises and then (hopefully) your ankle is better and then you never need to do those exercises again.
But with pelvic floor dysfunction- bladder and bowel problems, prolapse, pelvic pain etc- the strategies you have learned whether it is strengthening or relaxing your pelvic floor, sitting properly for voiding or defaecating, meditating and mindfulness for pelvic pain -all of these strategies must be implemented for life….and that is a tough gig to do. So I encourage my patients to think when the next blog arrives in their INBOX (if they have followed my blog), that is another reminder to re-evaluate…
Have I continued to be compliant with my programme?”
Long term compliance is the most difficult thing for a physio to instill in their patients. We know these things work- but how do we get patients to stick to them for the rest of their life?
Check out if you have a friend or relative who has some pelvic floor issues and would like to change their life.