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If anyone has bought my book, you know that my husband Bob, is responsible for sending out all the invoices for my book sales. Not only that, when you read the book, you will see that he was also responsible for the great drawings and was instrumental in the publishing process. So I have established that he is very clever and critical to the book’s success. To add to his credentials he has now become super website-designer! He has produced my website from the beginning, but this week has excelled with his amazing skill.
On Monday, I sent Bob an email with a link to a website that I had found- Dr Ajay Rane’s site actually….Dr Rane is a Urogynaecologist in Townsville and I am going up to Townsville in April to do a lecture and promote the book. And I saw on Ajay’s site that he has his blog on his website AND it scrolls through all the blogs as well! So I decided that I must have something like that as well. And that’s all I said in the email……’I must have one of these’. By the end of the day sure enough Bob had managed to put my blog on my web page and it scrolls through all my blogs. Now that is talent!
So a great big thank you to Bob -and now everyone can more easily keep up to date with all the old blogs that you might have missed.
The other great news is on my way through to Townsville, I am stopping in at Mackay to do a lecture in conjunction with Dani a Women’s Health Physio from Active Physiotherapy Mackay. I am really looking forward to this trip as I would love the ladies in regional Queensland to have the opportunity to read my book and either prevent the need for surgery or ‘mind’ their gynae repair surgery if they’ve had it already! The CWA ladies in Mackay have been great with their help organising the day, as have Alison and Dani from Active Physio.
The Women’s Health Event will be from 10am till 11.30am on Saturday 14 th April at the Mackay North CWA hall at 4 Palmer Street, North Mackay. If there are any ladies from Mackay or surrounding regions reading this blog and would like to attend, then send an email to to confirm attendance. There is a nominal charge of $5 for the morning. When the details for the Townsville talk have been finalized I will post it them on the website.
Until next time…….