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andy collins photo of katie and dave
Well you dream about the perfect wedding (only when you are the MOB and not sleeping too well cause you’ve remembered another thing that should be written on the master list of ‘Final Master List of Things to be Done’, but it’s too cold to get out of bed and get a pen and paper) and on 17thMay, 2014, it happened!
It started at 6am with the day dawning fine and obviously warm, high spirits and lots of laughter from the bride and the bridesmaids and generally a great vibe was present. The make-up and hair dressers arrived, performed some magic and turned us all into gorgeous beauties (took quite a lot more magic for me (thanks Donna, Linda and Kye)- the young ones are stunning without so much as moisturizer on). And then the moment arrived when all the dresses were slipped on and we posed at home for the fantastic Andy Collins from Andy Collins Photography.
all the girls on the steps
The wedding was at The Great Hall at BGS and the grandeur of the buildings gave incredible atmosphere as did the sounds of Canon in D announcing the arrival of Katie and Bob. Because I had the pleasure and practice of seeing Katie in her gown for a couple of hours before the service at home, the sobs were more stifled than they would have been had I just seen that vision arrive at the door for the first time (and I’m not talking about Bob, although he did scrub up pretty well).
The ceremony was magnificent (thanks Tony), the vows were the most meaningful I have ever heard, with real life examples of their intentions in their future years together and to say it was a most natural and happy wedding is an understatement.
Only to be followed by a fabulous night, on what felt like a giant Queenslander verandah at GOMA- our most amazing venue in Brisbane for such an event. The weather was superb, the band incredible and the MC, Macca, superlative.
I was going to bellyache about how hard it was to find a MOB dress, but who cares (I have been told I nailed it- it just took 28 dresses to do so) or who is interested when, in the end, it was the most special night, with lots of love, laughs and memories.
Thank you to all the guests who travelled such a long way (Amsterdam, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney amongst other places) to share in this beautiful event; thanks especially to Karen and Bill, the groom’s parents for their wonderful help and support; and to my family (Sophie, Bob and Michael) for their contribution over the past 9 months in the planning (and reviewing of the other 27 dresses) of this wedding.
I wish Katie and Dave lots of love and laughter for the rest of their lives together and may they enjoy the comfort that any relationship built on friendship and love will provide.
croft family photo