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Well I’ve climbed into bed and realised I haven’t written a Mother’s Day blog- a disgrace considering it’s my daughter’s first Mother’s Day! But all I can do is write a few words of what I know to be true, that I’ve gleaned over the years.
Once a mother, always a mother- it’s terribly hard to ‘let go’ of wanting to ‘mother’ – even if the kids are taller than you, earn more than you and are smarter than you- we always want to ‘help’ with our advice.
And my best advice is smother your baby with love, smiles, cuddles and chatter – because everyone always needs to know they are loved- whether they are 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years, 23 or 33.
And believe me smiles are contagious. 

Happy Mothers Day 
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