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What really? You’re saying it’s free?
WCW 2014 consumer forum flyer FINAL
On Thursday 26th June commencing at 6.30pm there will be a free lecture presentation at Coorparoo for World Continence Week with Clinical Nurse Julie Westaway and myself. So to all the girls considering having a baby, those pregnant, those who have just delivered and anyone else (with an interest in the area of Continence Promotion), please feel free to attend. See the attached flier above for all the relevant details and please remember to let Tracey Sparks know that you are wanting to come.
My talk is going to be discussing the lead up period (pregnancy, including the relevance and management of Rectus Diastasis- or abdominal muscle separation), the hospital stay (how to enhance your recovery and prolapse prevention in those early days) and the post natal period- short term and longer term. Prolapse is increasingly being exacerbated by inappropriate exercise and good education about pelvic floor safe exercise is an important message to spread.
The build up to having a baby is often all about the labour process, renovating the baby’s room and choosing the equipment, but very little attention is paid to the critical area of the pelvic floor, bladder and bowel function.
And that’s what this night is about.