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Well I have started writing this blog from Mackay airport where we have been waiting for 3 hours now! Unfortunately our plane that we were to catch from Mackay through to Townsville needed a tyre change and caused the long delay. Before I tell you how much I enjoyed the visit to Mackay, I do just have to have a tiny whinge about Qantas. If they have our mobile phone details why can’t they send us a text and update the situation with the plane. Because they didn’t do that, I had to rush away from the talk leaving Danielle and the lovely ladies at the talk in order to ‘make it ‘ to the plane – but in fact ended up having enough time to teach them the full Women’s Health curriculum by the time we eventually boarded the plane.
Now that’s off my chest- how was Mackay. It was great! The ladies were interested, asked great questions and I think learnt some new things from Dani and myself. Thanks must go to Marj, Marie and Margaret of the Mackay CWA for their help in organizing the event. The numbers were not huge, but in some ways that means people are more inclined to ask questions. Danielle’s talk on the importance of exercise to maintain muscle strength, maintain bone density and stimulate brain function through the release of endorphins which help combat the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline was excellent. Dani also showed some simple ways to implement Pilates techniques when even sitting in a chair and emphasized the importance of always doing ‘Pelvic Floor Safe’ exercising. Lots of the ladies purchased my book and I hope they are enjoying reading it as I write this blog.
We then headed off to Townsville (eventually) and went to the netball and saw the Carina East Tigers netball play some brilliant netball defeating Townsville 85-27. Funnily enough I bought a (decaf ) coffee outside the stadium and got talking to Michelle who owns the coffee van and she asked me why I was up in Townsville and I told her about my talk the next day at Mary Who? Bookshop in Flinders St. Sure enough the next day Michelle came along thinking that it would be interesting to learn some things about the pelvic floor. Madge was there joining Sue and Lorna. I love these opportunities – to answer specific questions about problems that may be happening and in the case of Michelle, just give information to prevent problems from occurring in the future.
Happily, Kerry and Sue the owners of the Mary Who? Bookshop have decided to stock my book, so for all the ladies who are undergoing gynaecological repair surgery or wanting to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction, then drop along to 414 Flinders St, Townsville and pick up a copy. Townsville was a great city with a lovely Sunday market with localproduce and arts and craft, great eating outlets and The Strand along the water front is very picturesque. Some photos from the weekend follow.