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I am excited! I am heading of to the tropical north this weekend to do a couple of talks to promote my book and importantly to watch my daughter Sophie play for Tigers against the Townsville Steel team. And who’s to say that Bob and I won’t have a nice romantic walk along the Strand gazing out to Magnetic Island and seafood dinner into the bargain?
When booking the flights to Townsville I accidently stumbled across a Qantas flight that goes via Mackay – it stops there for 4 hours, long enough for me to drop into the CWA Hall at 4 Palmer Street, North Mackay  and do a presentation on pelvic floor issues and how to prepare for surgery if conservative measures have failed. I will be there together with Danielle Bell from Active Physiotherapy Mackay. Danielle will be presenting on Pilates and Pelvic Floor Safe exercising and will be demonstrating some maneuvers as well. So if you know anyone in Mackay send this blog onto them. The contact phone number for information is (07) 49533557  or
Then we jump back on the plane and fly into Townsville just in time for that walk and the netball game – go Tigers! The next day I will be heading to a great bookshop called Mary Who? Bookshop at 414 Flinders Street, Townsville phone number (07) 47743824 and will be available to answer questions. The book will be available for purchase and of course I can sign it – just like J.K.Rowling or Jamie of course – if you so desire.
So don’t forget to forward the link on, tweet about it or just ring a friend – you never know they might hear something that changes their life – how to prevent prolapse, how to exercise safely, how to help some bowel difficulties – and I promise it will be fun.