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I wrote the following blog around the time of our last fund raising Trivial Pursuit night in 2013 – organized to help raise funds for the wonderful work that Dr Judith Goh and Dr Hannah Krause perform in Africa. We have just had a great lecture at our CFA State conference at The Pullman (14/3/14) from Dr Judith Goh on the fistula repairs and I have decided to reblog this to give those people in the audience who were inspired by Judith’s talk the opportunity to give a donation via the link within this blog. Remember to nominate Medical Training in Africa so the money- (and that truly means all the money does go to their work)- goes to their fistula work. Congratulations to the Qld Branch CFA and National CFA for a great conference-it has been an incredible day and reinforces the amazing work that CFA – the peak body for education about Continence Promotion in Australia- does in Australia. When incontinence costs Australia around $42 billion – the work CFA does is invaluable! Now for the blog…..
They look happy – what could possibly have made these smiles a mile wide?
Have they won Gold Lotto?
No better than that!
Have they met One Direction or Justin Bieber?
No that lady in the middle in the blue has changed their lives. That is Professor Judith Goh and she, in their eyes is a miracle worker.  Judith, along with Dr Hannah Krause, have devoted their lives to solving women’s continence problems on a world-wide scale. They are Urogynaecologists who practise here in Brisbane, helping women with their stress and urge incontinence and prolapse  issues. But then about 3 or 4 times a year flit off to Africa and operate on vast numbers of women who have something called a fistula – a connection between the bladder and the vagina or the rectum and the vagina. Now that is a very unpleasant ailment to have. You imagine having a constant urinary dribble (and no access or money to buy pads) or worse still, a constant and unrelenting faecal or gas control problem.
These women have suffered this as a result of prolonged labour (up to 3 or 4 days) and sadly the baby dies in the birth canal leaving these desperate women having to deal with the loss of their new baby as well as a terrible birth injury. They become outcasts from their communities, despised for their smell and uncleanliness. Now I have written a number of blogs about this, but the reason for this latest blog is to advertise the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Qld Branch fund-raiser for Judith and Hannah’s brilliant work for the women with fistulas in Africa. We are holding a Trivia Pursuit night on Saturday 31st August 2013 at 6.30 pm at Lourdes Hill College Hawthorne, Brisbane. It costs $25 to come along and all monies raised goes to the Kagando Hospital in Uganda where Judith and Hannah have to fund the surgery themselves.
If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause (if you respond straight away it’s a tax deduction for this year!) then here is the link to HADA. The one you want to donate to to get to Judith and Hannah’s work is Medical Training in Africa.