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All my patients know why I’ve been rather silent on the blog front just lately.
Every day (almost) since July 5th, when my gorgeous first born and her delightful partner became engaged, there has been quite a bit of wedding talk, in amongst all the usual bladder and bowel talk that emanates from my Highgate Hill rooms.
And at last, the big day looms.
We are definitely in the countdown now. Come this Saturday, dress No 28 will be donned by MOB (me), and with great excitement and joy, we will all head off to see the joining of these two lovely soul-mates in wedded bliss. In fairness to my patients who have ridden the bumpy waves of finding a suitable dress for the wedding with me, I will indulge with a post wedding write-up (the beauty of writing your own blog- it will be there forever, for posterity).
So keep praying to the weather gods (and the gods who ensure that I can still walk on Sunday after wearing high heels for the first time in 10 years) and look forward to some photos in the future.
In the meantime you know what you have to do……..