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Well you’ll be shocked to learn that despite writing a book last year- more than adequately fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions- I did NOT win the pretend competition of ‘who got the most number of resolutions’! In fact my husband Bob is claiming victory but I can’t be sure as I lost interest when I realized the other (silly) resolutions that I repeatedly put down year after year and which this year dragged me down badly…….
1. Must lose 5 kilos
2. Must stop eating chocolate
3. Must get to the gym 4 times per week

How could I possibly achieve any of those when I had managed to do the other?
But I have dutifully put them back onto 2012’s list of resolutions and as I never really thought I would get that post-op handout written and yet it turned into my book…..Pelvic Floor Recovery……… I have already picked out my black rubber swim suit ( pretty similar to the one that the simply stunning Elle McPherson was wearing whilst surfing recently!) in preparation for Noosa Xmas holiday 2012.
So here’s a Happy New Year to everyone and may all your resolutions be realized!