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mothers day 2016
How lucky am I to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mum who at nearly 91, still drives herself to the function, is independent and engaging and has a better memory than all of us combined! May all those qualities be embedded deep in my gene pool and be ever present when I hit 91!
Speaking of embedding, I have been trying all night to embed a video I made today into this Mother’s Day blog – one following the theme from the previous two blogs on how important it is to relax your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles – but technology wins tonight as i just can’t make it happen. A young thing may help me tomorrow make it happen. They are very clever…young things!
The most important reason for this blog though is to report on the success so far of my 2016 pledge to encourage donations to HADA instead of people giving me presents for Mother’s Day, my birthday and Christmas. All my lovely family complied and gave to the Medical Training in Africa programme, which has three great outcomes: I think it’s is fantastic;the wonderful work that Judith Hannah Barb and Neroli do is supported; and there is no extra clutter in my house with ……things!
The other most amazing selfless act is my wonderful staff have also wanted to be a part of this pledge and instead of gift vouchers for their birthdays, they also have requested donations be made on their behalf.
Just think if more people made a conscious decision to do something like this!
If you would like to join in- this is the link to Professor Judith Goh’s HADA Medical Training in Africa programme.
The smiles say it all. Their windfall is not a Gold Lotto win but the gift of Continence!