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beau 12 months
It’s hard to believe but yes our beautiful grandson Beau is 12 months old. Born on his great grandmother’s birthday (Bob’s mum who sadly passed away on 1st February, 2016), he has changed our lives in so many ways. His laughter, wobbly walks and Mr Serious faces have bewitched his whole extended family and of course his gorgeous, clever parents who mixed their DNA into such a scrumptious package. But Beau has also changed my professional life -because I knew I would have to trip down to Melbourne on a regular basis once the baby was born (to naturally smell his head), I took the plunge and decided to have some other Women’s Health Physios to come in and help me instead of doing what I usually had done when a holiday beckoned – just closing the doors.
That was such a success, I asked the gorgeous Jane Cannan to continue to come in and work on the one non-patient day when the rooms weren’t utilized and therefore help more patients. Also because of Jane’s wonderful musculo-skeletal skills, she definitely enhanced my practice. Next thing, the house next door to 194 Gladstone Road came on the market and so at almost retirement age, Bob and I decided to try and purchase the house, renovate it and convert into our new bigger consulting rooms. The town planners in the BCC had different ideas and when the final rejection word came through, I despondently went for a drive down to West End to check out some other real estate options.
Serendipity stepped in and as I drove up Hampstead Road, Highgate Hill, a giant For Sale sign leapt out at me on one of my favourite shops. The rest is history. We bought 47 Hampstead Road, a brilliant architect (Bob of Croft Architects) did a snappy renovation and bingo we had three new consulting rooms and a slick reception area (no more kitchen table for the secretaries anymore!)
47 Hamptsead Rdreception
But that was not the end of the story. Then we had a perfectly good office at Gladstone Road, which I was rather attached to and didn’t really just want to sell it, so my clever architect (husband) suggested we turn it into my long-held dream of a sanctuary, in which women with pelvic floor problems can exercise safely. And so Studio 194 SueCroftPhysioFitness was born. I advertised (on Facebook, as you do) for a Physio with Pilates skills and the beautiful Amanda Lee contacted me and with her recently completed Post Grad Women’s Health Certificate, I started mentoring her. She has proved to be a real asset – if I say let’s expand the Men’s Health Amanda- she says yes; when I said let’s do one-on-one Pilates she said yes and when I said I want to have a Cancer Rehabilitation class she said sure thing. I love her flexibility and she is like a sponge with Women’s Health. I also have the delightful Kristen Ruhrmann who is an experienced Women’s Health physio who comes one day a week to complete the team.
If you are exhausted reading this, I can tell you both Bob and I were completely shattered every night when falling into bed last year – but all through it little Beau kept us amused, bedazzled and oozing love for such a gorgeous little man. And I have never been better educated- if there has been any continuing education in Melbourne in the last 12 months, I have been there! The Victorian Branch of the Continence and Women’s Health Group thought I had moved states there at one stage.  So we have become, thanks to Beau, a thriving hub of Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapists at Highgate Hill.
I can still remember Katie’s first birthday like it was yesterday and to think she will now be looking on in amazement at her little man, now a one year old, just starting to totter independently, is a beautiful thing.
Happy birthday little man- love Grandma and Pop xx
Yes that is Mick Fanning completely entranced with Beau 2016