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The Great Trivia Event of 2011 has come and gone and everyone agreed – it was a wonderful night. The idea was to raise money for the special work that Professor Judith Goh and Dr Hannah Krause do in Africa for the women who have fistulas and prolapse. The crowd of 150 was a happy, relaxed one – the Royal Family even made an appearance …. and came second!
It was held at the Bulimba State School in a magnificent school hall with the best set up kitchen I have ever seen – and I have seen lots having spent many a day/ night at fund-raising events at different schools! I have thought that maybe that hall was a result of K-Rudd’s GFC Hall building exercise. If it was, then I am not sure why the criticism is levelled at spending money on infra-structure at schools – halls are an important part of the culture of schools and their local community.
Hannah did a short presentation for the first part of the night with slides showing the conditions in the crude, but entirely functional operating theatre and also the joy the women have when the operation is a success and their continence state is restored.
Then the Trivia questions began. I remember I used to be excellent at Trivial Pursuit- often winning when playing at home, or with friends or the  well – renowned Trivial Pursuit Nights at St Sebastian’s (which were also dress-up, those being the days when I could go dressed as Olivia Newton John singing ‘Physical’ and pull it off). Alas, after the first two sets of questions I realised the memory wasn’t what it used to be and decided the kitchen sink beckoned and proceeded to keep the drinkers supplied with clean glasses for the night.
I will give you a final update on the money raised in a future blog but together with the entry fee, the bar and the raffle it certainly seemed like it was going to be a great night. Thanks must go to Jacinta Crickmore who organised the event and did so much of the work. A brilliant effort. If you decide you missed the night and would still like to donate towards the cause – email Jacinta and she will give you details as to how to do so.
Tomorrow is an exciting day. After a lifetime of study my daughter is being admitted as a solicitor at the Supreme Court. Sophie is also a wonderful netballer and to have done both and succeeded at a high level is a great achievement. Congratulations Soph – enjoy your moment.