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Over the last two years of my son Micheal’s Architecture degree he has learnt the guitar – self taught – and has become rather good. It’s really quite pleasant being serenaded day and night with renditions of the Beatles, Queen and Jimmy plus many others. His interest in all things guitar led us to Easts Leagues Club last night to catch up with a band which has been around for about 100 years……well actually only just 46 years, called The Avengers. Roger, the lead guitarist, is one of Bob’s golfing mates and Michael has wanted to see him play for quite a while.
We were only there for about an hour but the music was great, Bob and I had a dance but most importantly I observed some amazing things at that Club. The dance floor was crowded the whole time with the average age of the dancers being well and truly over 65. The wonderful thing was the fantastic exercise that all were getting. Jitterbugging, line dancing with up to 10 guys and gals joining in, some twisting, jiving and most of all a room flooded with endorphins. Smiling, singing along with hits of a bygone (and I think better musically) era, companionship, safety – but best of all the fantastic effect on memory, coordination, balance, muscle maintenance, bone density, the cardiovascular system and self-esteem.
There was no cover charge, so you could walk in off the street, grab a drink and sit down and feel your spirits soar. As you know I am always encouraging patients to find time to get some exercise into their lives. Dancing never seems like the chore that some people find walking or other forms of exercise. So if you are feeling like having a spin on the dance floor try checking out your local club, or your local dance studio-that synchronised line dancing looked like fun – and learn some moves. And of course pull in your tummy and pelvic floor to help you stay dry. But remember don’t not go if you leak. It is always better to put on a pad and dance the night away than not……