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Forty years ago Blondie’s first ever hit, “In The Flesh”, reached number two on the Australian Singles charts after it was played by mistake (instead of “X-Offender”) on the music show “Countdown” in 1977. (Well done Molly!) Tonight on the 7.30 Report there was an interview with Blondie, as she is touring Australia at present. She looks absolutely amazing – still pretty spectacular that she is performing, considering she is 71!
I loved Blondie in 1977 and she will always remain special for me, because soon after that hit of Blondie’s, I finished my Physiotherapy degree at The University of Queensland. I can’t remember the exact date but sometime close to the end of March 2017, I will have been a Physiotherapist for 40 years. Now you would think that was a long time and it might be time to give it away, but what I love about that fact is I am still completely invigorated by my profession and love getting up every day to go to work. To be honest the last forty years have literally flown by and it doesn’t seem daunting that I may work for another ten years and that is a testament to many things.
One reason I intend to work on is my area of interest – Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Pelvic Health – it is so diverse, so challenging and so rewarding – if you can help a patient with problems in the most private areas of bladder and bowel dysfunction; if you can help someone who suffers with pelvic pain or sexual dysfunction or if you can help someone with prolapse to exercise again, because they have been successfully fitted with a pessary, then work every day is indeed very satisfying.
Another reason I intend to work on for quite a while yet is I have gathered around me the most amazing group of Physiotherapists, Amanda, Jane, Martine, Megan and Alex who also treat conditions that affect pelvic health (as well having the added bonus that they are all excellent musculoskeletal physiotherapists) to help hand the baton on, when I do start to slow down. These enthusiastic and empathetic women also love their work and are constantly learning and acquiring skills to solve the complex problems that present every day to our practice.
The last and most important reason is I have fantastic longevity in my family – my wonderful mum is turning 92 this year – my father lived to 89 and my grandmother lived to 93. So hopefully I will be ‘plenty of years’ retired so I don’t want to give it all away too soon.
So to all the girls and boys in my 1977 cohort- happy 40th year as a Physio and I hope there are many of you still working and spreading the magic of physiotherapy. #keepmoving #keepexercising #exerciseismedicine