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Bec S and Liss at 194 Gladstone
Bec Stacey
I consider that I am very lucky to have wonderful staff -physios and secretaries alike. Today I am here to talk about my secretaries for a very important reason. Sometimes my recruiting methods for the secretaries could be considered dodgy, (Facebook, bakeries, friends of the other girls- well that’s not dodgy) but I have to say so far they have worked very well. Many of you will have had communications with one of my longest-serving secretaries, Bec Stacey and the sad news is- Bec is flying the coop. Bec has been on the other end of the phone to my patients for almost four years. I recruited her from Baker’s Delight, (as you do) where she used to serve me white Hi-fibe bread and 2 litres of milk with the odd chocolate Danish thrown in for Mike. Every time I went there she was very cheerful and I decided that her friendly manner was just what I needed as my secretary.
When we were at the old rooms, the reception desk was in the kitchen. It was pretty primitive, but Bec efficiently made it work and happily greeted the patients and made the appointments, putting all the callers at ease. As we have expanded and employed more girls to cover the day completely, and then progressed to needing two girls on per shift, Bec has been involved in the training of everyone and turned the office into a smooth running engine room.
When we bought the new rooms, between Bec and the other girls, they efficiently created the office in the new building with the last patient being farewelled at 3pm on the Friday at Gladstone Rd and the doors opening at the new premises at Hampstead Rd, Highgate Hill at 7.30am on the following Monday morning. An amazing feat (which may have been helped along with some pizza, Coke and chips…….)!
img_9189   reception   waiting room of the new rooms at 47Hampstead Rd Highgate Hill.2jpg,
Just like your kids, who you want to grow up to be independent and fly the coop, when your secretaries are Uni students, you know they are there for a finite time and will eventually move on to their different future careers. So it is with sadness but resigned pleasure, that I wish Bec all the best in her future in developing her career in healthy nutrition and catering and thank her for her dedication, reliability, happy demeanour and complete integrity with all my patients and for keeping the office of Sue Croft Physiotherapy so efficient and a happy work environment.
Celine, Jose, Maddie, Ellie and sometimes Liss are there to continue to answer your calls and I can assure you, have the same cheery disposition and confidentiality when taking your calls.
Farewell Bec from us all, but especially Bob and I.