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It’s coming up for three years since I wrote my first blog and in all that time, one of my most ardent supporters has been Bob – my husband, the clever artist (who did all the drawings/ diagrams in my books) and all round good guy that you, who have bought said books, has been communicating with after purchase (he sends the email with the blog link and generally solves any problems, should there be any).
His other (main) job is that he is a very talented architect who has caught the blogging bug and has written his first blog (here is the link).
For me blogging is intoxicating.
It allows me to write things down in a permanent way so I can refer patients to particular treatment advice that we may not have had time to cover in the treatment session, especially if the issues are complex.
It also offers me the opportunity to ask patients to share their stories, which of course is invaluable for other patients.
And it definitely is great fun writing and is also a beautifully self-indulgent experience – so if I have a cause I think is special then I can write about it and if I need to vent about something I can! And it looks like that special feeling of writing a blog is catching. I hope you enjoy reading Bob’s first blog – because reading about architecture is almost as special as the process of using an architect to design your special project. If you understand about why it’s so useful to spend some money on good design, then you will love the finished product even more.
bob 2
Here’s to many more blogs on Architecture in the future. (It’s getting crowded on the lounge at night…….)
Ps. Next Sunday is the second Sunday in May, which you may or may not recognize as Mother’s Day. Now if you are stumped as to what is the perfect present then you can’t really go past buying your Mum one of my (life-changing) books. For $20 she’ll love you forever for teaching her how to prevent all those ugly bits of getting older.