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The Overactive Bladder can be the bain of a woman’s existence. It can limit social activities, restrict distances that women can walk, therefore their exercise frequency and fitness is affected and make women feel anxious, therefore affecting their mental health. As with prolapse and pessaries, men’s health and pelvic pain, I have collated some blogs together on urgency, urge incontinence and urinary frequency. Here is a collection of many of the blogs I have written about the Overactive Bladder.

Here is the link to the first blog

Here’s another blog from 2014 on the Overactive Bladder

Elaine Miller, Scottish Pelvic Health Physio and comedienne

Here is the videoblog I did on the Overactive Bladder


Here is a blog about a patient’s story about managing her OAB

There are lots of strategies to treat this bladder condition and each of them are important – think of them like slices of apple pie.

Here’s a blog about Confidence and the Bladder

Here is another blog about the overactive bladder

Here is a blog which I called First Aid for Bladders

Here is a blog outlining the difference between the words Continents and Continence

This blog is rather personal story about two near misses I had when travelling in London one year.

Four out of six toilets out of action at Brighton Station, UK, 2017

If you want to learn more about the bladder, bowel, what is prolapse, even how to treat children’s continence issues – make sure you pop online and check out my two books- Pelvic Floor Essentials and Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological and Colorectal Repair Surgery.

I hope you get some help by bringing these blogs together.