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As I sit here on holidays and contemplate sunrise overlooking the Mediterranean at Amalfi, I wonder how Italian women get help for their continence issues. When walking round Rome there is no hint as to where the doctors surgeries are, let alone the Continence Physios- although I’m pretty sure the ankle physios have plenty of business from the multitude of sprained ankles there must be from walking on the cobblestones! I have thought though, that aging Italian women must have better balance reactions, which must help with falls prevention, from teetering on high heels on the Roma uneven footpaths their whole lives! Maybe their pelvic floors and core abdominal muscles improve as well?
Anyway even though I am a world away in Italy, the email from the Continence Foundation of Australia, the peak body for continence issues in Australia still found me and they were asking me to update my practice details for their Resource List. CFA are funded by the Australian Government and provide invaluable advice via their Helpline -1800 330066- about not only how to cope with incontinence but active ways to treat stress, urge and faecal incontinence. I urge anyone who is reluctant to seek help about leakage of urine to take the first step by ringing and talking to these trained advisors.
So if any of the CFA people are reading my blog- I will send the info when I get back and until then breakfast and a boat trip to the Isle of Capri beckons…………..