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To everyone out there – I hope your week has been a bit less eventful than mine. It started on Monday when my Twitter account got hacked. Memo to all: Do not open a blog post that says ‘Have you heard the bad rumours about you?’ A lot of other people (who unfortunately got hacked because the virus got into my account and sent the message to my followers list) seemed to recognize that this was a bad thing and ignored it thankfully. But a few had to quickly change their password and I have learned something new!
The next day my website went down for 24 hours which is very scary when you are not sure why. But fortunately it’s back up and running. Apologies to all who tried to access it and couldn’t. Lastly on Friday we were robbed! It’s a ghastly feeling to realize someone has broken in to your house, opened every cupboard and drawer, tossed the contents willy nilly and then taken your special mementos and other valuables.
Anyway fingers are crossed now that this coming week will be smooth, uneventful and productive!
Lastly, I hope all the Mums out there had a lovely day – I certainly did receiving lots of lovely flowers, a cookbook and special cards with special words inside. I received a card from my daughter in Melbourne which is aimed at a very specialized market of which her mother is one!