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My last blog was my 70th blog – mostly all of them have been about the bladder, bowel, pelvic floor, pain, prolapse, sex and quite a few about fistula repairs and how to donate to HADA. There was the occasional self-indulgent one about Noosa or Italy but as my #pelvicmafia friends around the world will vouch, I have been pretty devoted to the cause of spreading the word about all things important to ensure excellent pelvic floor function! Now I don’t know about everyone out there in cyberspace, but here in Australia, there’s been a fair bit of doom and gloom (some justified and some media driven). Natural disasters (fires and floods), a constant white noise of political negativity, our light relief of sport- now contaminated with claims of drugs and cheating – all good fodder for a depressing climate of catastophizing and hysteria. So this week I have decided to have a light break and inject some art and humour into our lives.
As those who have purchased my books know, my eldest daughter Katie is responsible for the painting which I used as the cover of my books. She has recently got her easel and paints out and reinvigorated her passion for painting. Whilst she excels at Public Relations (her day job) she is an extremely talented artist (others apart from her mother have said this!) and I would love to share some of her paintings here until her own website is up and running. My plan is that one day I (as her manager) shall be a kept woman when her paintings are commanding unnaturally huge amounts of money.
Sue book cover 1
The two above were done in a life sketch class at school (a long time ago) – taking about 20 minutes each to do. We obviously digitally coloured the charcoal sketch hot pink for the book cover. The one on the right to me says everything about how women feel when suffering persistent pelvic pain.  The one on the left below is called a “Twist on Degas” and on the right “Che Guevara from The Motor Cycle Diaries”.
Email Katie’s manager (me) if you are interested in knowing more about her art!
Now I promised a hearty laugh as well as some beautiful art. So get a cylinder of oxygen and some ventolin ready, brace your pelvic floor and here goes………