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Conference banner 2014
Well I am on the plane heading for balmier weather in Cairns for the Continence Foundation of Australia’s National Conference, which this year is a joint conference with the International Children’s Continence Society and the International UroGynaecological Society of Australia conference. There will be many international speakers and attendees there and an opportunity to again catch up with colleagues working in the area of continence management.
I am looking forward to the programme as it will be very varied because of the nature of the amalgamation of the three different groups. I was lucky enough to secure a scholarship from the Qld Branch to attend the conference and as such will be blogging again about the workshops tomorrow and the interesting points from the conference main programme commencing Thursday.
I hope I will be diligent with my blogs as this year I am staying with my #pelvicmafia friend and social media extraordinaire Fiona Rogers (who owns the expansive Pelvic Floor Exercise Online store for everything you need for pelvic floor rehabilitation). Now I follow Fiona on Facebook and she is a VERY social thing- brilliant at keeping in contact with her friends by eating out at multiple gorgeous restaurants and cafes and I feel she might be a tiny bit of a distraction for me this year. But I will attempt to keep posting regularly but also make sure you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (if you are on those wonderful social media tools) as I will be posting short tidbits there. (Pity help all those regular people who follow me on Facebook NOT for my pelvic floor posts because it might get a bit intense).
To finish off this blog- I am not sure that I actually made a public announcement that the new editions of both books have arrived from the printer. I have also done a little tweaking to both names of the books. Book 1 is now called Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery and Book 2 Pelvic Floor Essentials. Both books have an expanded chapter on prolapse and generally had more recent research added and are $20 each, cheaper if you are a health professional or if you buy them in bulk. So if you are interested in checking them out go to my book website www.pelvic
So I look forward to the next few days and hope you enjoy catching up with the latest evidence based Continence research.