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Pre-op Gynae Repair Surgery Education Classes

Until the Covid-19 emergency is over, these classes will not be held on site. It is possible to arrange group classes, live, online if you have a group that needs advice. Please contact our reception to find out more.

Good preparation before any gynaecological repair surgery will make for a less anxious pre-op period, more comfortable hospital stay and a safe post-op recovery. All facets of these three time frames will be covered and patients will be given a bladder diary to complete pre-operatively, to compare and gauge how the bladder is behaving post-operatively. Even if you have attended Sue’s clinic as a private patient it is worth attending these group classes for a refresher on the key points prior to your surgery.

These classes will be held at 47 Hampstead Road, Highgate Hill and cost $55 per person and will receive a rebate from your private health insurance if you have physiotherapy cover.  It is important that you can manage a flight of stairs so if you have any physical incapacity, please let the secretaries know. Our physiotherapists will all be taking these classes. A copy of my book Pelvic Floor Recovery: Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair surgery is available for purchase for $20 if you don’t already have it. If you would like to pre-purchase it you can buy it from the book website and it will be posted to you. Picker-uppers are also available for purchase from the rooms for $15 to use in the post-op period to assist you avoid bending over.