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Women’s Health


Women throughout their lifespan can have problems with their bladder, bowel, pelvic floor and suffer with pelvic pain. Menarche, pregnancy, the post-partum period, menopause and ageing are times in a woman’s lifespan when issues such as incontinence, prolapse, bowel difficulties and pelvic pain can wreak havoc for them. Young girls can develop anxiety if every month excessively painful period cramping causes them to miss days of school and lays them up in bed unable to socialise. Interventions for all these conditions are often easy and very effective at improving quality of life and confidence for women in this most personal area, regardless of the severity of the problem or the age of the woman.

‘Earlier rather than later’
  should be the motto, but remember it is ‘never too late’. Regardless of age and severity it is important to seek help and make changes to improve your pelvic floor dysfunction. Women often put off seeking help because of the embarrassment factor or shame associated with the problem. All the physiotherapists at Active Women’s Health Physiotherapy (previously Sue Croft Physiotherapy) are mindful of this and are very supportive, empathetic and your privacy and confidentiality is absolutely paramount.