Studio194: Sue Croft PhysioFitness

Studio194: Sue Croft PhysioFitness is an exercise studio run by Sue where every class offered is ‘Pelvic Floor Safe’. Sue treats patients with various forms of pelvic floor dysfunction every day – and knows the distress that incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain causes, mostly women, but increasingly many men as well. Many patients actually present to Sue and her colleagues, Jane, Martine, Megan and Alexandra with new symptoms of prolapse, incontinence, overly tight pelvic floor muscles and abdominal separation after joining a gym and or undertaking other extreme forms of exercise such as boot camps or heavy weight lifting in the pursuit of fitness.

Movement, exercise and physical fitness should be a part of our daily lives. Evidence is strong that physical inactivity is now identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality and in older adults worldwide, around 3.2 million deaths per year are being attributed to inactivity.(World Health Organization: 2013 Diet and physical activity factsheet. 2014 Secondary diet and physical activity factsheet). In fact the UK’s Royal College of Physicians report, 2012 ‘Exercise for life: Physical activity in health and disease’ states:

“There is evidence for the benefits of exercise in many forms of disease. It is effective, inexpensive, with a low side-effect profile and can have a positive environmental impact. Despite this, there remains a reluctance within the medical profession to use exercise as a treatment.”

So if we know it’s important to move – what we must understand is that moving and exercising in a way that is safe for your pelvic floor is fundamentally important. So it has been Sue’s dream to open a facility which has varied forms of exercise – Yoga, Pilates, Dance (yes dance IS a great form of exercise!), balance classes, even ones for osteoporosis looking to maintain bone density. Go to the Studio 194 web site and scroll through the classes and their descriptions and see what takes your fancy. We will be adding more class offerings as the numbers build so keep checking to see what is changing. All Sue’s instructors understand the concept of pelvic floor safe exercise and all classes will incorporate these principles.

Studio194 Sue Croft PhysioFitness

Studio194 Sue Croft PhysioFitness