Sue Croft PhysioFitness Exercise Classes

Book now for new Group classes (max 4 people) held at Sue Croft Physiotherapy gym at               7/47 Hampstead Rd Highgate Hill, QLD 4101. These are smaller classes that replace the group glasses that were held at my old studio at Studio 194 (at Gladstone Rd). The new studio at Hampstead Road is called Sue Croft PhysioFitness.

We are conducting bone building, strength, balance and pelvic floor Physiotherapist-led exercise classes in the new space we have created at Sue Croft Physiotherapy. Dance classes are still occuring at the studio at 194 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill.

Alexandra (Alex) and Megan conduct the 2019 classes on Tuesdays at 9am and 10am (Alex) and 6.30am and 10am on Friday (Megan). The classes have a maximum of 4 clients in them and cost $30 each for 45 mins always conducted by Women’s Health Physios. If you have private health insurance you will be eligible for a rebate. My physiotherapist Studio instructors – Alexandra, Jane, Martine and Megan will all be eventually taking one-on-ones and or group (4) classes and all are available to assess and treat any pain or other conditions that you may have in our rooms. Please ring 38489601 and ask my receptionists if you would like to organise a one-on-one (or two-on-one, or three-on-one).

The space is an opportunity for you to reconnect with exercise after your diagnosis of prolapse, incontinence or particularly after you have had any repair surgery or to manage any other conditions you have or to address fitness issues. There will be a focus on getting stronger and exercises to improve bone density and of course the pelvic floor.

The ‘one-on-ones are a good opportunity to discuss specific issues with a pelvic health physiotherapist.  These physiotherapy sessions will continue to attract a normal health insurance rebate.

The ‘Reformer’ will continue to be available for individual sessions or may be a part of a circuit class (depending on the physiotherapist taking the class).