Studio194: Sue Croft PhysioFitness

It is with much sadness and regret that our Gladstone Road Studio 194 PhysioFitness Pilates, Yoga and Dance classes have closed permanently. It has been a heart-wrenching decision as I have loved developing the Studio over the past three and a half years and having the opportunity to progress our patients onto further exercise at the Studio. I have loved the ethos of the Studio and the community that has been established. It has been my little baby and I am terribly sad that I can no longer keep it open.

My physiotherapist Studio instructors – Jane, Martine, Megan and Alex – who all work with me at my Hampstead Road consulting rooms have also enjoyed the opportunity to help women apply the exercise advice they learn in the consulting rooms into the exercise environment at the Gladstone Road Studio.

My other instructors – Marzena (Yoga), Darci (Dance) and Alison (Barre) have all been enthusiastic proponents of their chosen specialty. They adapted their teachings as necessary to incorporate cueing for the pelvic floor.

To have had a facility to send ladies who have significant prolapse, who have had repair surgery and all types of pelvic floor dysfunction and be able to exercise knowing that their pelvic floor will not be compromised has been such a blessing and one we will all miss.

My Hampstead Road consulting practice will continue unaffected of course. And some good news is we will still be conducting ‘one-on-ones’ and some small group sessions at the consulting rooms in our downstairs gym area. The ‘Reformer’ will be relocated to the consulting rooms for ‘one-on-one’ and ‘two-on-one’ exercise sessions. These physiotherapy sessions will continue to attract a normal health insurance rebate.

It has always been difficult to make the Studio classes viable and we accepted that for the benefit it bought to our clients, but the final straw for us came when the Federal Government changed the rules which will disallow health insurers paying rebates for Pilates classes as of April 2019. I wrote a blog about this a few weeks ago when I first learned of this dramatic legislation. Follow this link…

We believe this change will significantly impact on the class attendances. So, we have closed the Gladstone Road Studio and focus entirely on continuing our valuable work at my consulting rooms with our Pelvic Health (and musculo-skeletal) physios Jane, Martine, Megan, Alex and myself at 47 Hampstead Road, Highgate Hill.

Thank you for all your support over the past years and I am so sorry that I couldn’t keep the Studio going.

Sue Croft